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  L2000-PHS Testing Device

L2000-PHS Testing Device                 


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In recent years, owing to its low price, safety and green, PHS was admitted quickly by market. In 2006, China Telecom and China Netcom will invest about 5 billion yuan to improve network. Until 2006, user for PAS had been more than 85 million and will attain to 100 million until 2007. PHS has been an important part of local phone network and has broad market.

During installation of PHS, various test must be done such as circuit, power interference etc. In addition, it is necessary to maintain, analyze quality of network and shoot trouble in operation. So, related instruments are indispensable. However, such instruments are rare now in . With user and business expanding quickly, there will be more demands for PHS and its test techniques.

PHS uses microwave of 1.9 GHz, which is weak in penetration. In addition, its need many base stations and has low power. All these features result in many problems such as small signal coverage and frequent cut-over etc. So, testing and analyzing numbers of network cover, numbers of base station, synchronization, bit error and cut-over are very important for improving PHS.

L2000 PHS is such a device specially designed for construction and optimization of PHS, similar with LF970 developed by Leader in . It can be used for wireless detection and analysis of PHS network.

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